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The Church Age
1955 years
GT begins - 1988
The 2300 days begin
The Latter Rain - 1994
The 6100 days begin
Giving thanks to the Lord
No Testimony
Waiting begins
About Midnight
The Rapture
Feast of Tabernacles
"370 days" of waiting until the promise is completed (The Ark door is opened unto dry ground)
This Final four part Salvation Period
Judgment Day - 2011
These 5100 days begin
Elect get a little help - 2018
Grounded with Truth (info)
Ark Door opens: 2025
Safety upon dry ground
New Earth
Giving thanks to the Lord
Waiting begins
About Halfway
Dry Ground
Burnt Offering
370 days of waiting until the promise was completed (The Ark door was opened unto dry ground)
Judgment Day
5 month water judgment
Ark is grounded at 15 cubits
The Ark is peacefully at rest
Door opens to a new earth
Safety upon dry ground
The judgment of Noah's Flood
New Home
The marriage supper celebrated
Waiting begins
Bridegroom's House
Marriage Supper
Waiting until the promise is completed (Entering the Bridegroom's House)
Incorrect anticipation
Falsely assumed His coming
Heard the "Cry"
Received additional information
Bridegroom's Door
5 Virgins enter His House
The 10 Virgin's Journey
Jesus Preaches
3 1/2 years
The Crucifixion
3 days within the earth
Jesus teaches His Dicsiples
3 non consecutive days
Holy Spirit Descends
Giving thanks to the Lord
No Testimony
Waiting begins
About Halfway
His Ascension
Feast of Pentecost
37 non consecutive days of waiting until the promise of Jesus' ascension to Heaven
Jesus' four part Salvation Period
Disciples wait
37 non consecutive days
Jesus gives last instruction
Final 3rd day within the 40 days
Jesus' Ascension
Jesus' journey ends
The Church Age begins
153 Fish in the Ship net
Saul's Persecution
The Church is persecuted
Saul is saved by Jesus
Paul now preaches Jesus
14 nights until the promise of going ashore onto Dry Land matches our 14 years
Paul's four part Salvation Period
The Egyptian Ship
This is the Tribulation Ship
Paul gets new information
Grounded with Truth (info)
The 276 go ashore
Safety on Dry Ground
No Testimony
Waiting begins
About Midnight
Dry Ground
Elijah - the prophet
A man of God prophesying
Drought within Israel
3 1/2 years without rain
Cleansing the Temple
3 1/2 years of rain/safety
3 1/2 years of silence until his rapture matches the 2 Witnesses' 3 1/2 days
Elijah's four part Salvation Period
3 1/2 years of silent waiting
Elijah's Rapture
Riding a fiery chariot
No Testimony
Waiting period
Heaven bound
Jonah - the prophet
A man of God prophesying
Jonah is silent
3 1/2 days within the fish
Jonah preaches the Word
3 days of preaching the warning
Jonah's 37 days of waiting matches Noah's 370 days of waiting within the Ark
Jonah's four part Salvation Period
Jonah is silent after his mission
37 days of waiting outside the city
Nineveh saved!
The city is lifted on high
No Testimony
Waiting period
Kingdom bound
King Josiah
Righteous Ruler
King Josiah dies
Judah is ruled by wickedness
Babylonian Exile
Much Scripture is written
At Jerusalem
Giving thanks to the Lord
No Testimony
Waiting period
Back to the HolyLand
Feast of Tabernacles
From the time Cyrus released Judah until they returned and built homes was 7 months
Judah's four part Salvation Period
Mass migration back to the HolyLand
Takes 5113 hours (7 months) which matches our 5113 days
Settled within cities
They are within the HolyLand
Plenty of Food
Within the Promised Land
The Drought
Within the Promised Land
Plenty of Food
Outside of the Promised Land
Freed from slavery
Giving thanks to the Lord
No Testimony
Waiting period
Holy Land
Feast of Passover
Their 5113 months of waiting matches our 5113 days and Judah's 5113 hours of waiting
Jacob's  four part Salvation Period
The Israelites wait
Waited 5113 months before celebrating the Feast of Passover
Out of Egypt
Consecrated land
Our Lord's fantastic 4 part Salvation Plan
Testimony, No testimony, Testimony & Waiting

Two examples of our Final Great Tribulation
Before we go into detail about the 4 part Salvation Plan we must acknowledge two examples of this Final Great Tribulation, The Ten Virgins and Noah's Flood. Although neither one exhibits all 4 stages, they both represent what occurs after Judgment Day.

* The Waiting Period (Both waited until the Door was opened)
* The Halfway Point (Heard the "Cry" & Grounded/Peacefully at Rest)
* Arriving in the midst of the Lord (Entered the Bridegroom's House & A New Earth)
* Giving thanks to the Lord (In both instances celebrated with a feast of thanksgiving)

Four parts before entering into the midst of the Lord
God has shown us examples all through His scripture of His salvation plan. Each example consistently follows the same pattern of a time of testimony , a time of no testimony , a time of testimony again , then a time of waiting. These four salvation parts always lead up to the final action of being in the midst of the Lord. God exemplifies this in different ways in the following examples:

These first 4 examples all follow Jesus' full 4 part salvation plan which demonstrates the 1335 days of starting with a period of Testimony and ending with a feast. Notice even though we'll be Raptured we still need to complete the full salvation plan in Heaven with the Feast of Tabernacles.
* Our final salvation plan
* Jesus' salvation plan
* Judah's salvation plan
* Jacob's salvation plan

These final 3 examples are extremely precise examples of the 4 part salvation plan yet lack the feast at the very end:
* Paul's salvation plan
* Elijah's salvation plan
* Jonah's salvation plan

Another interesting note is that the Ten Virgins, Noah, Our Final salvation plan, Jesus', and Paul's all exhibit a midpoint within the waiting period. These midpoints always represent the God's people becoming "grounded" in Truth as they receive additional information and because of this are peacefully at rest.
Patterns of biblical history

As we know from scripture the Lord's actions are not random. As you study this page you will notice that every example shown follows a specific pattern most of which end with a feast giving thanks to the Lord.